Mya Haines

So, you’re interested in getting a dog or cat. Wouldn’t it be nice to save an animal who is already trained and spayed/neutered? An animal who has experienced past neglect and abuse? An animal who just wants to be loved?

Um, yes please!

The description above accurately describes the life of many shelter animals, who just need a loving home.

According to Humane Canada, in 2018, Canadian animal shelters took in around 31,000 cats and 18,000 dogs (Humane Canada).

If you are seriously considering getting a pet, there are a plethora of dogs and cats in animal shelters…

Mia Cappuccitti-Gutierrez

Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton: An American Musical

I sat in my 11th Grade AP US History class on the morning of February 18, 2021 and smiled, as I heard the opening riff to my favourite Hamilton song blast through my teacher’s laptop speakers.

As I’m sure millions of kids were in 2016, I was completely and utterly obsessed with the incredibly famous musical, Hamilton. It opened the world of Broadway to a younger generation; one that was otherwise not interested in Broadway in the slightest. It transformed Broadway into the talk of pop culture. Something that had never previously happened. I was listening to phenomenal…

Beagles are commonly used in cosmetic testing because they are docile and unaggressive

How would you feel knowing your pet dog or rabbit was having syringes with possibly hazardous substances being injected into their eyes and bloodstream? Or getting chemical burns daily from the testing of a sunscreen with questionable ingredients? What if it was your naïve and unaware child screaming in pain from an eye cream that just burned through their skin?

What if it was you?

This is the reality for hundreds of millions of animals in laboratories across the world selected to be involved in dangerous testing experiments, whether it’s for medication, skincare, haircare, and all kinds of cosmetics. …


Mya Haines and Mia Cappuccitti-Gutierrez are high school juniors writing about anything and everything. Welcome to nerd-ish and happy reading!

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